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Locked Groove - Various - Trunculence (Vinyl)

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  1. All vinyl records (at least as far as I know) end in a locked groove - this is done to protect the stylus from drifting onto the label, etc. A locked groove simply never advances; the groove changes from the spiral it was on the way in to a closed circle.
  2. Nov 25,  · It all started with a groundbreaking and visionary RRR in – one of the first ever ‘music’ (i.e. not a purely utilitarian DJ tool) records consisting entirely of locked grooves, and unprecedented compilation with one hundred individual artists sharing a 7-inch vinyl. Featuring some of the most prominent and critically acclaimed /5(48).
  3. Every single record has a lock groove at the very end of each side. The vast majority of them are silent, but every lp and 7" has them. It's for the needle to be caught in if the table is not auto-return. Auto returns trigger past a certain point, usually just in front of that catch-all groove, so the stylus will not spin in that groove long.
  4. The Wheeled Super Groover is a box groover ideal for small and medium areas, and also works well on safety floorings. The blade is adjustable in height to enable uniform grooving at various depths,about between mm and meostaphanamlehonbufflotuminesub.coinfole for different thickness material to Reviews:
  5. Red vinyl editions come with a 44 page booklet, black vinyl editions come with a 16 page booklet, all in full varnish, thick gatefold jackets. Copies are shipping now! Excerpt: Civil War (No Part of It) is a literal civil war on the senses, ears versus mouth, mind versus heart, all boiling blood and bile as it tries to get a foothold on.
  6. Jul 02,  · Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) has one at the end of Side One (The Great Pretender) and there's one at the very end of Atom Heart meostaphanamlehonbufflotuminesub.coinfo the vinyl version of Kid A there is a locked groove after Motion Picture Soundtrack and you have to get up and lift the needle on to the secret song.
  7. NON 's Pagan Muzak (Gray Beat, ) is a one-sided 7-inch with multiple locked grooves and two center holes, meaning each locked groove can be played at two different trajectories as well as any number of speeds. The original release came with instructions for the listener to drill more holes in the record as they saw appropriate.
  8. Active since at least , Blake Edwards' main project Vertonen has traversed many different roads. What I'll touch on here, firstly, would be his arrangements for various field recordings of factory/industrial landscapes titled Fait a la Machine.I should add, that Edwards not only tracked down the various field recordings, at times getting permission from staff on site, but he also .
  9. At Lock Grooves, we manufacture custom handmade, limited edition records that are cut on polycarbonate (plexiglass) in a variety of sizes and shapes. Every record is cut one by one in real time and is available to be cut on circles, squares, picture disks and even special novelty products such as postcards and hybrid CD-Records.

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