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Locked Groove - Various - Trunculence (Vinyl)

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  1. Every single record has a lock groove at the very end of each side. The vast majority of them are silent, but every lp and 7" has them. It's for the needle to be caught in if the table is not auto-return. Auto returns trigger past a certain point, usually just in front of that catch-all groove, so the stylus will not spin in that groove long.
  2. Carpark is repressing the first So Takahashi 12"! We are keeping the attractive record sleeve and the 31 locked grooves, but So presents a new ambient track for the meostaphanamlehonbufflotuminesub.coinfo new a-side is quite different from the old one. While still retaining the ambient feel of the original track, So has introduced percussion elements into this composition. More shaken and stirred than bleepy .
  3. Locked groove on side B has some vocals recorded backwards so it sounds a bit creepy. Unlike most of the others this doesn't repeat the last notes of the final song, it was actually something specifically recorded for just the inner groove. GYBE - F#A# infinity - locked groove on Side B repeats the last few notes of Providence forever.
  4. RRR is just locked grooves by artists. The needle must be manually placed on each groove to hear it. I have owned two of these albums for years and I don't believe I have heard every track. Once, when I had two turntables and some housemates I fucking hated, I put on two different grooves at full volume, locked my door, and left for.
  5. Jan 13,  · I have been scouring the internet in an effort to better understand how vinyl is cut and what the groove actually looks like, and therefore tracks like. This is what I think I have learned. A record cutter is a 90 degree V-shaped chisel that undulates back and forth and up and down and in so doing cuts vertical tracks into the sides of the.
  6. It was kicked off in with a locked groove 7 inch compilation called " Trunculence " featuring Nurse with Wound, Dave Phillips, Crash Worship, To Live and Shave in L.A., Anakrid, SIXES, and more. 55 artists in total.
  7. NON 's Pagan Muzak (Gray Beat, ) is a one-sided 7-inch with multiple locked grooves and two center holes, meaning each locked groove can be played at two different trajectories as well as any number of speeds. The original release came with instructions for the listener to drill more holes in the record as they saw appropriate.
  8. Active since at least , Blake Edwards' main project Vertonen has traversed many different roads. What I'll touch on here, firstly, would be his arrangements for various field recordings of factory/industrial landscapes titled Fait a la Machine.I should add, that Edwards not only tracked down the various field recordings, at times getting permission from staff on site, but he also .

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